The Virginia Aviation Council was formed in order to foster, promote and engage in aerospace education through the use of forums, panels, lectures or other similar programs. The Virginia Aviation Council is best known for producing Virginia’s Festival of Flight and Fly-In.

The Council has decided to place the Virginia Festival of Flight on hold, and focus our energy on smaller, more diverse, and pilot-focused events designed to help restore and grow Virginia’s pilot aviation community.

Here are Some Activities to Consider:

Are you yet part of the Great Virginia Aviation Ambassadors Relay? Check out this exciting aviation venture unfolding for spring-summer, 2019. Click HERE for more information.

Become part of the Virginia Aviation Pilot/Enthusiast/Owner Database.  Click HERE for more information.

Now is a good time to become an advocate for aerospace education in Virginia, by contributing to the Virginia Aviation Council. The Virginia Aviation Council is a publicly supported organization under section 509(a)(1) of the internal revenue code. Your contribution(s), as with all 501(c)(3) created organizations, may be non-taxable under that code.

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We are always looking to promote aviation in Virginia via partnerships and joint efforts designed to provide a forum for the exchange of aviation educational information and ideas.

Contact us and let’s help grow aviation in Virginia.
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