Virginia Hard Luck Fly-Ins

The Aviation Council recognizes that pilots are out there, but in Virginia, we too are losing numbers and growing older.  Continuing to operate the Festival of Flight (focusing on the potential younger population) requires us to first build up and organize our existing pilot resources so the younger people can see and learn from the experienced cadre.  Virginia big picture events in the past (like the Festival) have faced too much hard luck with timing, weather and location choices.

For now, we will focus our energy on mobile statewide fly-in activities at a variety of locations and with changing dates. We will definitely look for opportunities to partner with other organizations who might not have events of this nature. Our number one goal is to help strengthen the flying community in Virginia. For our events, we will organize under a variety of names, usually referencing the notion of a “Virginia Hard Luck Fly-In.”  Something fun, certainly reflective, and yet a serious effort.

Each of the Virginia Hard Luck Fly-Ins could include:

Gathering of existing pilots from around the state
Activities helping grow the pilots in Virginia, via (as appropriate)
–Young Eagles flights
–Eagle flights
–Women Can Fly flights
Aviation demonstrations
Pancake breakfasts, brunches and/or other food offerings
Fun pilot contests
Education programs like Safety/WINGS Seminars