The Great Virginia Aviation Ambassadors Relay

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Registration for the Relay is open. Sign up to help ensure you will get your requested leg. To register, click HERE.

What is the Relay?

Great Scott Virginia -> Great Scott America -> Great Scott International Relay tied to the Virginia Aviation Ambassadors program.  This is a relay activity for aviators built around flying and fun. Fly one or more legs, enjoy aviation camaraderie, visit new airports, participate in airport activities, and have a blast.

The Virginia Aviation Council is reaching out to all pilots, clubs, EAA chapters and public use airports to join in planning this state-wide event. Pilots will sign-up to fly one leg (or more than one) beginning and ending at assigned Virginia public-use airports. You’ll sign up for your top three leg choices (donating a flat fee per leg towards aerospace education). Bring passengers, have fun, visit airports, eat, and take lots of pictures.  Participate in pre-planned arrival/departure activities at your departure and/or arrival airport. On the side, get Virginia Aviation Ambassador stamps in your personal Ambassador Passport.

We want to coordinate with aviation clubs, chapters and pilot associations to encourage your pilots to participate, and to select a day for an event of your design (pancake breakfasts, fly-ins), coordinated with a rally hand-off at your airport on that day.

When all is said and done, we will have at least one relay aircraft visit every public-use airport in Virginia (66 total).  Each aircraft will carry an official Relay Packet with materials for transport (including the relay’s mascot) and online (live) verification of the Relay’s progress. By working with local clubs and organizations, we hope to schedule hand-offs of the Relay Packet on already scheduled airport event days.

Meet Virginia Airheart

Meet Virginia Airheart, the Official Relay mascot! According to the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries “Of the three bear species (black, brown, and polar bears) in North America, only the black bear lives in Virginia. Shy and secretive, the sighting of a bear is a rare treat for most Virginians.” This mascot will travel on each leg of the Relay, as an honored guest seeking as many pictures and memories of the Relay as possible, for all prosperity to enjoy.  To see and TRACK all the places Virginia travels to in the Relay live as it happens, click HERESee details of her travels around the state via her Facebook page at Virginia Airheart1.


Signing up helps ensure you will get your requested leg. To register, click HERE. 

Click HERE for more information on the Preparatory Airheart Commonwealth Tour (PACT).

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