The Virginia Aviation Council’s Articles of Incorporation provide that some annual fly-in/symposium will be one of the methods that the Council uses to further aerospace education.  This mandate plays out in a variety of programs, including:

Building a Virginia Pilot/Enthusiast/Owner Database – Nobody maintains an electronic mail database of Virginia’s pilots, enthusiasts, airstrip owners, and aircraft owners. If such a tool existed, then organizations state and nationwide could communicate with this population, informing everyone of events, news, activities, and opportunities. The Virginia Aviation Council is beginning the process of creating such a tool, looking to serve as a clearinghouse for distribution of pertinent information.

Virginia Hard Luck Fly-Ins – Our number one goal is to help strengthen the flying community in Virginia. In part due to our varied hard-luck experiences, we will often bring everyone together into one Virginia’s Hard Luck Fly-Ins.  Something fun, certainly reflective, and yet a serious effort.

Virginia Festival of Flight and Fly-In – The Virginia Festival of Flight and Fly-In, was last held on October, 7, 2017, in conjunction with the Suffolk Peanut Festival.  The Festival activity is currently on hold.

Over time, we hope to be producing and partnering with other aviation-related events in Virginia.